Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last WARNING! Most Underground and well-distributed Compilation CD to your Band !


Last WARNING! We can to add more two (2) Bands to the volume 5 from Imperative Music Compilation CD!   

The band need to pay us a fee of $250.00 USD to have a track and photo of your band on this compilation!

The band will get 10 CDs, no extra cost!

The compilation are Distributed in the USA, South America, Europe and Japan!


1) Professionally printed in the USA,  full color CD, Booklet and Inlay-card.

2) 100 CDs are mailed to most important manager of Record-labels, Distributors and Press from US, South America, Japan and Europe.

3) Imperative Music Compilation is distributed in 24 different countries.

4) The audio is mastered and the artwork done by top designer, maximum quality is guaranteed.

5) The bands receive 10 CDs as prove the compilation is printed and released.

6) Compilation CDs are mailed to Music fans around the world no cost, not for sale.

7) Increase demand for your music and opportunities to get record-deal.

8) All the rights for the track remain to the artist (the band) only.

9) We will sign an agreement with you, to keep and respect the terms here offered.

Imperative Music Agency & Compilation CD
attn.: Gilson Arruda