Tuesday, March 26, 2019

DEATHROLL Black Metal (Artist of month!)

DEATHROLL is a Black Metal band with one member. Member KAZU(Vo.Gt.Ba.Dr)

Deathroll have released four albums and the band was presented on the international sampler titled Imperative Music Compilation DVD including other major Metal bands such as Death, Destruction, etc.

2012 1st album “荒涼-KORYO-” was released
2014 2nd album “Brainwashing” was released
2015 3rd album “破壊 -HAKAI-” was released
2017 4th album “Z.K.K.” was released

Deathroll got influence from Burzum, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Judas Priest etc
I am energetically continuing music activities.

Gilson Arruda “IMPERATIVE MUSIC AGENCY” comments: DEATHROLL is an awesome revelation from Japan playing Black Metal classic with influences of avant-garde, old school Metal, after acts like Sigh, Loudness I can recommend Deathroll new album will be released by European record-label this year.

Monday, March 11, 2019


Track List:

* Available *

We highly recommend Metal heads and Rock fans around the world to check out!

This month, we will mail to the bands some copies of Compilations (packages).

Thanks to all our collaborators and partners!!!

Track 1
Band Name: Visions of Atlantis
Track title:  The Deep & The Dark
Taken from: The Deep & The Dark (album)
Video title: The Deep & The Dark
Record-Label: Napalm Records

Track 2
Band Name: Belphegor
Track title: Baphomet
Taken from: Totenritual (album)
Video title: Baphomet
Record-Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH

Track 3
Band Name: Hangar
Track title:  The Hangar of Hannibal
Taken from: Stronger than Ever (album)
Video title: To Tame a Land
Taken from: Live in Brusque (DVD)
Email: contact@hangar.mus.br
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialhangar/

Track 4
Band Name: Kambrium
Track title: Dawn Of The Five Suns
Taken from: Dawn Of The Five Suns (album)
Video title: Dawn Of The Five Suns
Label: NoiseArt Records

Track 5
Band Name: Distillator
Track title: Swarm Intelligence
Taken from: Split 2018
Video title: Swarm Intelligence

Track 6
Band Name: Eversin
Track title: Jornada del Muerto
Taken from: Armageddon Genesi (album)
Video title: Soulgrinder
Email: info@mykingommusic.net
Label: My Kingdom Music

Track 7
Band Name: DarkTower
Track title: Eight Spears
Taken from: Eight Spears (album)
Video title: Eight Spears

Track 8
Band Name: Poseydon
Track title: Pre-Emptive Strike
Taken from: Masterpiece (album)
Video title: Pre-Emptive Strike
Email: alaindeblock@telenet.be

Track 9
Band Name: Deathtale
Track title: Bloodgod
Taken from: The Origin Of Hate (album)
Video title: Bloodgod

Track 10
Band Name: Pastore
Track title: Symphony of Fear
Taken from: Phoenix Rising (album)
Video title: Symphony of Fear
Facebook: @pastoreband

Track 11
Band Name: Sixgun Renegades
Track title: Loaded Gun
Taken from: Sixgun Renegades (album)
Video title: Loaded Gun
Email: Sixgunrenegades@gmail.com
Label: V.R.Label Finland

Track 12
Band Name: Sapphire Eyes
Track title: My Desire
Taken from: Breath Of Ages (album)
Video title: Never Again
Email: oniclas@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sapphireeyesband/
Website: http://sapphireeyes.se/
Label: The Junction

Track 13
Band Name: Wolfpire
Track title: Chains
Taken from: Naughty and Hungry (album)
Video title: Alongside Me
Email: wolfpireofficial@gmail.com

Track 14
Band Name: Heaviest
Track title: Like Those Ones
Taken from: The Wall Of Chaos-T (album)
Video title: Like Those Ones

Track 15
Band Name: Lynchpin
Track title: Blood on the Ground
Taken from: Millennial Holocaust (album)
Video title: Millennial Holocaust
Facebook: @lynchpintt
Twitter & Instagram: @lynchpintt

Track 16
Band Name: Vader
Track title: Angels of Steel
Taken from: The Empire (album)
Video title: Angels of Steel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vader/
Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH

Track 17
Band Name: Faces Of Death
Track title: Priest From Hell
Taken from: From Hell (album)
Video title: King of Darkness

Track 18
Band Name: Scars
Track title: Silent Force
Taken from: Silent Force (Single)
Video title: Armageddon

Track 19
Band Name: Drowned
Track title: Violent March Of Chaos
Taken from: 7TH (album)
Video title: Violent March Of Chaos
Label: Cogumelo Records

Track 20
Band Name: Fragmenta
Track title: Spike To the Brain
Taken from: The Book Of Revolutions (upcoming not yet released album)

Track 21
Band Name: Viken
Track title: Undead Rising
Taken from: Undead Rising (EP)
Video title: Undead Rising
Email: vikenmetal@yahoo.com
Booking Info: Tim McFarland, phone-636-357-6903
E-mail for booking: deathbymetal66@gmail.com

Track 22
Band Name: Dreams In Fragments
Track title: Nightchild
Taken from: Reflections of a Nightmare (album)
Video title: Nightchild

Track 23
Band Name: Angel's Fire
Track title: Tonight
Taken from: O Conto (album)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Angelsfireoficial/

Track 24
Band Name: Hamen
Track title: The Silence Of The Soul
Taken from: Unreflected Mirror (album)
Video title: My True Freedom (Invasive Feelings Part Iii)
Email: bandahamen@gmail.com

Track 25
Band Name: Vaya
Track title: Biscuit Live Master
Website: https://www.vaya-official.com

Track 26
Band Name: Devilsbridge
Track title: Rebirth
Taken from: (EP)
Facebook:  devilsbridge band
Instagram: devilsbridgeband

Track 27
Band Name: Agony Voices
Track title: Desire for Pain
Taken from: Mankind's Glory (album)
Video title: Desire for Pain

Track 28
Band Name: Shadows Legacy
Track title: Prelude To The End
Taken from: Lost Humanity (album)
Video title: The Final Act
Email: shadowslegacyband@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shadowslegacy/

Track 29
Band Name: Hyerathica
Track title: Dead Alive
Taken from: Revolution Now (album)
Video title: Dead Alive

Track 30
Band Name: Symptomen
Track title: Mud of Death
Taken from: Welcome to Brazil (album)
Video title: Mud of Death

Track 31
Band Name: Symmetrya
Track title: Seeds Of Suicide (S.O.S)
Taken from: Beyond The Darkness (album)
Video title: Dying Hard
Facebook: symmetryaofficial

Track 32
Band Name: Shattered Glass
Track title: Seeds of Hate
Taken from: Time for Change (album)
Video title: Seeds of Hate

Track 33
Band Name: S.O.S
Track title: Da ' Touch Of Da ' Wyld
Taken from: A Weird Mass Celebration (album)
Video title: Da ' Touch Of Da ' Wyld

Track 34
Band Name: The Undead Manz
Track title: Psycho!
Taken from: The Rapture Of Undead’s Bride (album)
Video title: Only Bad Man

Track 35
Band Name: Deep Memories
Track title: Suffocating Grayish Darkness
Taken from: Rebuilding the Future (album)
Video title: Suffocating Grayish Darkness

Track 36
Band Name: Forge
Track title: The Death of a Warrior
Taken from: Heimdall (album)
Facebook: Forge

Track 37
Band Name: Exorcismo
Track title: Disgrace and Terror
Taken from: Exorcise and Steal (album)
Video title: Disgrace and Terror Live in J.A 2017

Track 38
Band Name: Hate By Hate
Track title: Dry Land
Taken from: An Ancient Hate Reborn (album)
Video title: About The Hate

Track 39
Band Name: Suffocation
Track title: Return To The Abyss
Taken from: …Of The Dark Light (album)
Video title: Return To The Abyss
Record-Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suffocation/

Track 40
Band Name: Vardan
Track title: The Wish of Weeping
Taken from: The Wish of Weeping (album)
Video title: The Wish of Weeping
Label: MDN/Moribund Records


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USA: Relapse Records, The End, Heaven and Hell Records, Moribund Records, Sevared Records, Dark Horizon Records, Sentinel Steel, Deathgasm Records, Red Stream Records.

BRAZIL: Imperative Music.

JAPAN: Rock Stakk, Redrivetrecords, Disk Union.


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