Thursday, March 29, 2018


The Global Metal Compilation IMPERATIVE MUSIC proudly presents Swedish Metal Band SNOW I.U.

Melodic Metal as in the golden age of HELLOWEEN!

Since the last time Snow I.U. was featured on Imperative Music Compilation Volume 13, now Snow I.U. returns in great style by playing melodic Heavy / Power Metal with a touch of originality. The band will feature on Imperative Music Compilation Volume 15 a new song was recorded recently in 2018. This Volume XV will present HAMMERFALL as well.

Imperative Music Agency keeps in good partnership with Snow I.U., the band is looking for gigs, tour, festivals, so you can contact the band via Facebook.

Thank you!


NORIUM [Brasil] Prog Power Metal, very interesting!

NORIUM [Brasil] Prog Power Metal, very interesting!

We are happy with the confirmation of the Brazilian band NORIUM in the international sampler-CD “IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD VOLUME 15”; the same that will have the presence of CRADLE OF FILTH, DESTRUCTION, HAMMERFALL, DEATH.

NORIUM is preparing to release its first album, so IMPERATIVE MUSIC will broadcast worldwide featuring a song and lyric video of their album!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD - Dark Metal from Japan!

HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD, official international promotion by Imperative Music Agency.

Imperative Music Agency is promoting new video of HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD, check out!!!!

Soon, we will announce the releasing of your debut album in Europe!!!

Awesome Metal Band from Japan!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Brazilian Heavy Metal Band APPLE SIN !

The Imperative Music Agency & Compilation is excited to present the band APPLE SIN in our New International Compilation, volume 15.

Imperative Music Compilation DVD will be distributed in the United States, Europe, Japan and Brazil.

Apple Sin play Heavy Metal powerful and melodic, the guys have worked hard, this is promising band, check it out!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Italian Metal Opera with famous musicians!

ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE – Including Marty Friedman [ex-MEGADETH], Kobi Farhi [ORPHANED LAND], and more… Ralf Scheepers [PRIMAL FEAR], Mark Zonder [FATES WARNING], Gary Wehrkamp, Brian Ashland [SHADOW GALLERY], Nicholas Leptos, Amulyn, David Brown, Tina Gagliotta, Derek Corzine, Alessandro Battini.

IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION VOLUME 15 will present a song and lyric video of the ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE new album!

New album was released by Underground Symphony Records.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Make Metal Great Again



There is a real paradox of "new fans of Metal/Rock" with the attitudes and thoughts of the old Metal / Rock bands as well as old fans era 80’s/90’s lived your life for Metal, which has been lost a lot since the 80's and 90's, there were people buying albums from big bands but also from small bands and still the sale of Demo-tapes was in great demand. The consumption of merchandise was extraordinary; people bought because they loved the bands and did their best to support each band.

People bought because they loved the bands and did their best to support each band.

In the question itself, you have the answer. How many CDs do you buy per month? In how many gigs of new bands are you going? Before we distributed flyers and nowadays are the posts on social networks, is there anything that each one does to help the bands?

There is also a lack of connection and even lack of awareness to support the new bands, when you see the tools of FACEBOOK and other sites, the number of clicks, sharing is very low, the relevance in this shows that the love of the music (Metal / Rock in general) itself, is decayed and isolated in the shadows.

This post will NOT change almost anything, because we are not a great Media for thousands to hear, our circle are of a small group of people, however Facebook gives us the chance to post our opinions and thoughts and who knows, some people will want listen to what we're talking about.

More people who lived the beginning of Metal could tell their stories and I say, the important people should leave their statements in order to increase the knowledge of the people who are in Metal Scene nowadays, and make the Metal great again!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Metal Regards,
Gilson R. de Arruda (Metalhead since releasing of Metallica’s Master of Puppets in 1986)
Imperative Music.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

THE TORCH (Sweden), new artist of STF Records, Germany!

THE TORCH (Sweden), new artist of STF RECORDS, Germany!

Official Management by IMPERATIVE MUSIC AGENCY.

Thanks Martin Söderqvist! We loved cooperation, patience and trust of the band on the process to negotiate the releasing The Torch’s New Album with German label STF RECORDS, it was very professional attitude of you guys. Imperative Music Agency is really pleased to have sustained this agreement between The Torch and STF Records, we want successful results!

Today, Imperative Music Agency will inform more details about The Torch’s New Album.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Enemy I – Industrial Metal / Dark Rock from Berlin, Germany

Enemy I – Berlin, Germany

Thank you for the sampler and your support!

Genre: Industrial Metal / Dark Rock

* Enemy I was presented in Imperative Music Compilation Vol. 14