Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We started work for Compilation CD vol. 8

Worldwide Compilation, your passport to success!!!

                               VOLUME 8

Mastered by Tower Studio (Ayreon, Cynic, MEGADETH).

Artwork by Miron Design (very professional).

CD printed in U.S.

Distributed and Promoted in USA, Europe, Asia and Brazil.

This is Free CD, not for sale!

*SCHEDULE: October, 2014. 

Since 2009 we are connected with serious Labels, Bands, Press!!!


The End Records, USA
We did receive the compilations and passed them on to our clients.
Good stuff man.

Century Media distro, USA
Thanks so much for sending them.

MDN/Moribund Records, USA
We received the pack the day after our last e-mail.
All is here, and we actually have given almost over 1/2 away already on our mail-order.

Thanx for writing and many thanx for the package with the compilation CDs.
Yes, we received your package and I think, that's is a good base for Underground Bands from all over the world.

Inferno Records, FRANCE
Thanks for the mail ! YES, we got the compilation - thanks for that ! Most of the bands on it are really very good, you did a great job !
Most of the copies we got have been given to our customers !

My Kingdom Music, ITALY
Got'em and surely good bands among them.

Relapse Records/Release Entertainment, USA
We have been putting them in our mail orders, so hopefully, people are listening to the comp! Thanks again!

Rotting Corpse Records, LLC, USA
Yes, Comp is very good. We have been sending it out with all our orders.

Red Stream, Inc., USA
Yes, I recieved them and am passing them to customers, thanks!

Einheit Produktionen, GERMANY
Yes we got it & spread it already!

Dark Horizon Records, USA
Yes the package has arrived and we are spreading them to our customers.

Pathos Productions, USA
Yes, I got it, thanks!
Already sent out a bunch with orders.

Autopsy Kitchen Records, USA
Yes. They are already being distributed. Til then, Jeffrey

Deathgasm records, USA
Yes, I have sent some to customers. Everything looks great.

Check out our previous editions of the compilation:

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Best regards,
Gilson Rod (Manager)
Imperative Music Records & Compilation CD

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