Friday, October 23, 2015

Brazilian Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal - Siriun Band with Kevin Talley !!!

Comments about their participation in Imperative Music Compilation CD Volume X;

The Imperative Music Compilation CD volume 10 arrived in our hands!
We are very proud to participate alongside bands like Kreator and Rage Darkness!!
Thank you ImperativeMusic Gilson!!

Siriun was founded by guitarist/vocalist Alexandre Castellan in 2014 as a way to give life to his musical ideas, he decided that if he were to give his creation the power it needed he required the best. Enter world renowned drummer Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Daath, Feared, Suffocation, Devil Driver, BattleCross, etc), alongside Castellan’s longtime friend Hugo Machado on bass, the power trio have succeeded in knocking out a quality masterclass in forward thinking extremity.


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