Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Italian Hard Rock - Metal Band " GAME ZERO "

GAME ZERO [Italy] guys with IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD volume 11 in their hands.

Italian Hard Rock - Metal Band!!!

You Tube: The City With No Ends (Official Video)

IMP compilation proudly presents:

SEMBLANT [Brazil], UNDEAD VISION [Switzerland], A SORROWFUL DREAM [Brazil], GUILTY AS CHARGED [Belgium], EYES OF GAIA [Brazil], GAME ZERO [Italy], PUBLIC MENACE [Japan], DISGUST [Canada], HANIWA [Italy], FRAGMENTA [Australia], WILD ONE [Japan], SEVERAL EYES [Brazil], KOAN [Switzerland], DEVILSIN [Brazil], SOULTHERN [Brazil], BASILISK [Japan], CURSED COMMENT [Brazil], CONFINEMENT [Brazil].

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