Sunday, September 4, 2016

TELLUS TERROR’s Felipe Borges speaks about Imperative Music Compilation volume 12

Imperative Music!

Yesterday I received of my friend Gilson Rodrigues de Arruda of Imperative Music, this awesome compilation Volume XII, containing 18 Metal bands from all over the world, especially Brazil \ m /, and I did like to share with you my impressions of this project itself as well as the songs of the bands.

NOTE: I'm not a reviewer, but I decided to share my opinion.

The artwork of the CD was very well formulated, it was made by Obscure Art (I enjoyed a lot). Obscure, you are to be congratulated \ m /

My opinion about bands on this CD, well, it started with a band coming from Japan, named Alice In Hell, their song is ‘Time to Die’. They are playing harsh and heavy Thrash Metal, which leads me to Kreator style at the beginning of his career, their early albums. Good Band!

Next one, we have the Luxembourg band called Infact, what I would classify as a Modern Metal with Heavy Metal, they featured ‘Change My Name’ song, where some moments it remember Il Nino, others seem Avenged Sevenfold, competent band and a good resourcefulness in order to compose.

Overall, all the bands of the Compilation CD were very well selected and the differences of the individual qualities of each recording was very well equalized and mastered by Gwen Kerjan in Slab Sound Studio.

And the bands that I particularly want to highlight are (considering technique, composition, quality recording, editing and mixing, originality and execution):

* Cavera (Brazil) - Controlled by the Hands
* As do They Fall (Brazil) - Burn 
* Darcry (Japan) - Cry Of Despair (If you enjoy raw sick Black Metal like me, you will love this band, they are similar to Dark Throne’s Goatlord album, Beherit, Abruptum, etc... This is amazing !!!! \ m /) (
* Death Chaos (Brazil) - Atrocity on Peaceful Fields (awesome guitar harmony!!!)
* Tribal (Brazil) - Broken (Very good technique both Bassist and Guitarist!!! Pity that the mixing detonated the vocals, leaving them very low and difficult to hear clearly and the only downside in my opinion)
* Phantasmal (USA) - Specter Of Death (Do you like Venom? This track will please for sure the old Metal fans! Good recording, such as 80s and 90s era!!)
* Basttardos (Brazil) - Exilados (Impeccable musical quality)
* The Wild Child (Italy) - You and the Snow (This song reminded me of the time I spent early mornings in the rock points, listening to Black Sabbath albums like Heaven and Hell etc... the only weak point was the mix where the vocal is taken off the rest of the song, getting much higher than all but the band overall very is good too)
* Godvlad (Portugal) - Game Of Shades (In my opinion this should be the first track of the CD! What beautiful music, extremely well crafted and well produced, rich in musicality etc ... remembering the transition from Theatre Of Tragedy for experimental music Techno etc ... So, strong candidate to be the best band on CD in my opinion \ m /)

In general, I really recommend this Compilation, you will find a lot great bands, keeping our attention to listen the whole disc for sure!

Not to mention that the CD is distributed by many record companies in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Japan, some renowned such as Relapse, Nuclear Blast, Century Media etc...

This is a big support to the bands.

Good work!!



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