Friday, January 13, 2017

Metallica "Hardwired ... To self-destruct" the painting influenced by the new album of Metallica

Painting influenced by Metallica's new album "Hardwired ... To self-destruct". A gift for my favorite band.

My name is Gilson Sasson, Brazilian, self taught, I started to paint in 2016 paintings no big plans but after showing the paintings to some local artists, and they spoke; This looks good, I decided to present the paintings of the 2016 collection.

Each painting presents a state of mind and the last work was the painting influenced by the new album of Metallica, nor imagine that this was possible, was a translation of the songs in the form of painting.

I am not a professional plastic artist for many years as Mr. Romero Britto, I hope to start studying this year and improve my skills and continue to paint, because I liked it very much.

“The world is too big, we do not need to be living the same life every day, trying something new is very good! By: Gilson Sasson”


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