Friday, January 11, 2019

International Services!!! BAND PROMOTION 90 DAYS



1) Information about album as well as news about the band will be sent on to all people are in IMPERATIVE MUSIC Mailing List including: Magazines, Webzines, Radio-stations, metal/rock stores and Fanzines in Europe, United States, Japan and Brazil. We are in connection for more 10 years in the scene to realize our professional work for your band.

2) In case, who mention have never heard about new album of your band, we will submit Digital (MP3’s files) to get reviews, interviews, promotion in general.

3) We will feature a page in the "Artist" section on the IMPERATIVE MUSIC Official Website about your band.

4) Articles will be posted on the IMPERATIVE MUSIC Blog.

5) Social Networks: the links about the news, You Tube, Ads of your band will be shared in the pages of IMPERATIVE MUSIC on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN and TWITTER.

6) We will include the Official Video Clip or Lyric Video of your band on YOU TUBE channel of IMPERATIVE MUSIC.

The service is fixed in $394 USD to work with your band for three months.

The band will receive all articles, reviews, interviews by Email.

Imperative Music Agency


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