Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sweden - Deathwish on DistFM

TOMAS AHLHOLM LÖNNERYD (Deathwish on DistFM, Sweden)

I got some really good music DVDs from my good friends at Imperative Music Promotion , ImperativeMusic Gilson

The new "Imperative Music Compilation DVD Volume 16".
With some some really good bands that makes you bang you're head.

This is the bands that are on it
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS (Austria), BELPHEGOR (Austria), HANGAR (Brazil), KAMBRIUM (Germany), DISTILLATOR (The Netherland), EVERSIN (Italy), DARKTOWER (Brazil), POSEYDON (Belgium), DEATHTALE (Austria), PASTORE (Brazil), SIXGUN RENEGADES (Finland), SAPPHIRE EYES (Sweden), WOLFPIRE (Brazil), HEAVIEST (Brazil), LYNCHPIN (Trinidad), VADER (Poland), FACES OF DEATH (Brazil), SCARS (Brazil), DROWNED (Brazil), FRAGMENTA (Australia), VIKEN (United States), DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS (Switzerland), ANGEL'S FIRE (Brazil), HAMEN (Brazil), VAYA (Canada), DEVILSBRIDGE (Switzerland), AGONY VOICES (Brazil), SHADOWS LEGACY (Brazil), HYERATHICA (Brazil), SYMPTOMEN (Brazil), SYMMETRYA (Brazil), SHATTERED GLASS (Brazil), THE UNDEAD MANZ (Brazil), DEEP MEMORIES (Brazil), FORGE (Switzerland), EXORCISMO (Brazil), HATE BY HATE (Brazil), SUFFOCATION (United States), VARDAN (Italy).

@DistFM and @Deathwish By Hellscream

Gilson Arruda/Imperative Music note: Thanks Tomas Ahlholm for the excellent cooperation and support to Imperative Music Compilation in Scandinavia! Your serious work for the Underground Bands is vital.

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