Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TOXICMAZE, unbelievable Thrash Metal Band from Brazil !


The ‘International’ Imperative Music Compilation CD volume 7 is proud to feature a track of Toxicmaze band, Thrash Metal Old School, a journey in the past, with the same enthusiasm and brutality of the major bands such as EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, KREATOR, METALLICA, ANTHRAX, SEPULTURA.

These guys are from Joinville/SC, Brazil but they sound too good like European bands, musically they have a great future, keep this band in your mind, Thrasher Maniacs!!!

This is
Toxicmaze's Facebook:

To be released by

Metal Scene's New Talents around the Earth !

Imperative Music Compilation CD, volume 7.

Worldwide Distribution and Promotion!!!

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