Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We are looking for Bands for Volume 9 of IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD

IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD VOLUME 9 - Bands, confirm your participation for Vol. 9


We wish to inform you that the volume 8 of the Imperative Music Compilation was completed and will be released in October. In this volume 8, we proudly present EPICA (The Netherlands, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS), and OBITUARY (USA, RELAPSE RECORDS) and other good bands.

We're starting to work on Volume 9, to release the Compilation in December, 2014. We have 3 major International Bands to contribute and support this project. Therefore, bands who want promotion and results in the International market, write now, because at the moment we have 7 bands confirmed, the interest is too much, then confirm your participation as soon as possible, request our Agreement.

Heavy/Thrash/Death/Black/GothicDoom/Prog RockMetal!

CD Manufactured in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, high quality!

Mastered in the France by Tower Studio (MEGADETH).

Artwork by Miron Design, Greece.

Distributed and Promoted in USA, Europe, Asia and Brazil.

We have worked with 150 Metal Rock Bands from Europe, U.S., Japan and South America. Imperative Music presented many bands through Compilation CD and our services as Press Office since 2009.

You can write us at Facebook or send an Email:
Gilson R Arruda. (Manager)

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