Sunday, April 12, 2015

Brazilian Metal getting better !!!

New blood in the Thrash Metal genre and the Imperative Music is pleased to introduce the band called NEW BAND, a Brazilian band coming from Paraiba state.

NEW BAND will have a new song them on Imperative Music Compilation CD Volume 10 to present your potential on the European, North American, Japanese and Brazilian continent.

Besides New Band, the Compilation will be presented the following internationally recognized artists such as: Kreator (Germany) and Nile (United States) as well as many other newcomer bands both Brazil and other countries.

The Imperative Music Compilation (The CD is printed in U.S.A.) is distributed by Nuclear Blast, Relapse, Season of Mist, Moribund Records, Cogumelo Records and many other international Distributors !!!

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  1. With the motto “Music for the sake of music”, Better Daze Music continues to grow by creating new material, as well as inviting other artists who share in the idea that music can be creative, experimental and still have an appeal to listeners the world over, regardless of style