Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SIRIUN...Extreme, Creative, Skilled

have signed agreement with SIRIUN.

Siriun is formed by two Brazilian musicians plus Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Daath, Suffocation) as drummer! They are talented and their music sounds Extreme, Creative and Skilled, something that will satisfy the most demanding ears, absolutely!

The production and studio-quality complies with the international quality standards. And some well-respected magazine’s editors have heard sample-copy of the album and the feedback is very positive.

IMPERATIVE MUSIC will negotiate a Licensing Deal to release their album in the overseas.

Today, Siriun Music Video is online; intricately animated by DARK TRANQUILLITY (Century Media Artist) Guitarist Niklas Sundin.

Please, take a time to check out their new video.

You Tube:

During the recordings:


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